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Robo-Calls from Credit One Bank? We Can Help!

Credit One Bank, N.A. is a bank out of Las Vegas, NV who targets people with harassing robocalls even if you are one day late. It has recently been the target of lawsuits alleging that it is harassing customers and potential customers by calling them many times throughout the day. Some people are reporting as many as 10 calls per day!

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects (TCPA) protects consumers from harassing phone calls. We have discussed the TCPA in other blog articles, but it is worth mentioning again - if a debt collector or a solicitor calls your cell phone without your permission you may be entitled to money damages between $500 and $1,500 per call.

Credit One Bank has been known to call people from the following numbers:

(678) 249-1278

(404) 609-2411

(210) 987-5777

(225) 960-6170

(312) 732-8417

(404) 609-2464


(678) 666-0493

(678) 973-1122

(706) 524-0212

(706) 524-0953

(706) 524-0996

If you are getting calls from Credit One Bank and you want them to stop - tell them to stop and call us. If they keep calling - call us. We can help. Document your calls. We do not need them all, but the most successful cases will have a good record of when you told them to stop calling and how many times they called. But even if you don't have the records anymore - call us.

If you are being contacted by Credit One Bank we are here to help. At The Prado Law Firm - "We make them pay you!"


At The Prado Law Firm, we can help!


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