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Medical Collections? You have rights!

You go to the doctor or you had an emergency and when its all said and done you ask how much you owe. They tell you "Well, we are not really sure, we will send you an invoice." or "We will bill your insurance." You walk away thinking..."I am sure insurance will cover this. Worse case scenario they will call me."

Months down the road, to your surprise, you get a collection letter or you start getting calls to your cellphone while at work, maybe even to your place of employment. The calls don’t stop and you throw your hands up!

Most, not even knowing if they are in default, pay collectors out of pocket because of the pressure. Collectors are trained to mislead you to thinking your credit may be hurt and guilt trip you into paying a balance you don't owe. Sure, no one wants to be known as the person getting collection calls. But remember, collectors do this for a living. They pressure people into paying bills they don’t even owe!

In my time representing one of Georgia’s largest medical collection agencies; I saw a collector talk a family into taking out a second mortgage to pay medical bills that were non-enforceable and out of statute.

Just because you are getting calls and collectors say you owe a debt does not mean you don’t have rights. The debt, if valid, may be out of statute and unenforceable! Collectors cannot mislead you to thinking that your credit will be hurt. Collectors cannot add arbitrary fees and interest to medical bills not agreed on at the time of service. Collectors cannot place robo-calls to your cellphone without your consent!

At Georgia Collection Defense we have successfully litigated against many Medical Collection Agencies. If you are subject to calls by Hollis Cobb Associates, Patients Account Bureau, Diversified Account Systems, Transworld Systems, MedCore, or State Collection Services your rights may have been violated.

If you are being harassed by debt collectors. Please CALL US TODAY! At Georgia Collection Defense, we can help! or

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