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Meridian Mediation Group - Fraud Update

Meridian Mediation Group

At Georgia Collection Defense we have been busy expanding and fighting for your consumer rights. We have received several calls from across the country since our latest blog post on Meridian Mediation Group. If you, your friends or family members have been subject to collection calls by Meridian Mediation Group. Call us today. Many of you are frustrated with these fraudulent, harassing and illegal calls.

Georgia Collection Defense powered by The Prado Law Firm, PC. are working hard to establish a class action lawsuit against Meridian Mediation Group and its owner. In the following months we will be amending our complaint against Meridian Mediation Group and its owners to establish a class.

Join us in our fight against these harassing and fraudulent "Collection Agencies." You do not have to be in the state of Georgia to be a part of this class. If you have contacted us before regarding Meridian Mediation Group, call us again. We are ready to fight for your consumer rights!

We are available 27/7 at (706) 431-7297 or contact us at

Join our fight against these agencies by also filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or Contacting The California Office of Consumer Protection regarding Meridian Mediation Group.

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