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Contacted by Meridian Mediation Group? 844-809-4105

Have you been contacted by the number above? If so the caller may have identified themselves as Meridian Mediation Group. This organization will claim to be a "registered and regulated" legal process server in the State of California. In reality this organization is an unlicensed and unregistered collection agency that goes by many names; Meridian Pacific Systems, Inc.; Star Negotiations, LLC.; and even Smith Reid & Associates.

This organization has been known to threaten civil action to debtors and attempt to collect out of statute debt; contacting friends, family, current and past employers in the attempt to collect a debt.

If your friends and family have been contacted by Meridian Mediation Group or the following number: 844-809-4105. Call The Prado Law Firm TODAY! Just one of these calls is likely in violation of your consumer rights! You may be entitled up to $1,000.00 in statutory damages. Our consultation is free!

The Prado Law Firm, PC.

Ask for Attorney David Prado

(706) 431-7297

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