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Debt Collection Robo-Calls and the TCPA


But first it is important to make a distinction. There are harassing scammer calls and then there are robocalls which are generally targeted to you. Today, we will be discussing those calls intended for you... sometimes. Lets start there!


Maybe you changed your number, and you got a number that belonged to someone else. You told the caller to stop, but they just won't! Maybe you forgot to pay a bill and told the collection agency or bank. Hey! I'll call you when I can pay you, Don't call me! These calls are now violations of the TCPA.


The TCPA is a federal statute designed to regulate solicitors and limit the use of automatic dialing systems and prerecorded messages. If any company is making illegal calls to you in this way, each call you receive to your cell phone may entitle you to between $500 and $1,500 in statutory damages, that is, as long as the company does not have your expressed permission to call your cell phone AND the calls are made from some sort of an autodialing system.  


Many large companies use this technology today, and just because there wasn’t a prerecorded message, it does not mean that the call wasn’t autodialed.  In many cases, this technology allows the company calling to autodial your number and, if you pick up, place a representative on the line (you may hear a short pause or a faint beep before the representative picks up).

In the case of debt collectors, if you provided your phone number to the original creditor, they may have permission to call you.  If you asked them to stop, even once, they should have stopped and may be in violation of the TCPA.  If a company is calling your cell phone and the calls are not intended for you, they probably don't have your consent to call you.  This is often the case when they are calling your cell phone and asking for the previous owner of your phone number.  


If you are being harassed by these robocalls after you have told them to stop! We want to talk to you! We can help stop the calls and represent your consumer rights for FREE!

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